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Arkk Copenhagen

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ARKK Copenhagen shoes

The place of birth of ARKK Copenhagen is not very hard to guess. This Danish brand produces simple, but notable sneakers. Shoes from this lovely label are inspired by the simple lifestyle and architecture from Scandinavia. Clear shapes and innovative materials make sure the sneakers from ARKK are very special and just a bit different from the rest. And let’s not forget a very important detail: these shoes feel great on your feet and walking on them is just divine. All together it is a celebration to wear these gems!

ARKK Copenhagen Raven

At Bruut we are proud to have ARKK Copenhagen shoes in our collection. This brand features simplicity, but in such a way that it results in an awesome, distinctive and special pair of sneakers. The popular ARKK Copenhagen Raven is a nice example of such a result. This badass shoe can be recognized by its striking laces and the high shoe tongue. ARKK Copenhagen used this unique design in various models, but all of them exude the same simplicity, which gives the shoe a sturdy nature. If you like to wear black sneakers or stylish white sneakers, but you prefer a touch of unusual, ARKK will offer you a helping hand with the awesome ARKK Raven. With such a shoe you are assured of success! At Bruut Sneakers the Raven is available with or without mesh details. Also, you can choose from different colors and a few color combinations. But don’t expect too much freaky results from these mix ups: clean and simple are the magic words at ARKK!

ARKK Copenhagen Eaglezero

That the inspiration for this brand lies at architecture, you can also tell when you see the ARKK Copenhagen Eaglezero. This striking sneaker can be called unique from top to bottom: the asymmetrical laces, mesh details, a pointy shape and the powerful but bland shades. Striking in simplicity! So if you are looking for ARKK Copenhagen shoes for men or you want ARKK Copenhagen women’s shoes, with the unisex sneakers from this great brand you’ll be fine. If hip shoes in black or white, pink sneakers in a nice soft shade or just bold darkish green sneakers are what you are looking for, you should definitely check the ARKK Copenhagen selection at Bruut!