Olaf Hussein

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Olaf Hussein clothing for men

Olaf Hussein is an Amsterdam clothing designer. He makes his clothing by looking at the needs of people today. He is inspired by countries such as Scandinavia, cultures and world citizens. We often see the 'Ølåf' logo in Olaf Hussein's clothing. This recognizable logo has ensured that the clothing lines of Olaf are very attractive. Olaf could fit the streetwear image, but you could also wear the clothing a bit nicer because of the subtle smaller logos on certain pieces of clothing. Olaf has conquered Amsterdam together with Daily Paper and Filling Pieces. About the quality and originality, we can only say that they are top notch. Olaf regularly uses materials from Italy and the clothing is produced in Portugal. Olaf Hussein ensures that his collections get the attention they deserve, and this is reflected in the end results of the collections. As a result, the collections are regularly only released when Olaf is satisfied and not on predetermined dates.