Reebok Revenge
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Reebok Revenge for men

The Reebok Revenge is very similar to the Reebok Club C85 . The big difference is the line that you see on the side of the sneaker. What also plays a major role with this sneaker is the gumsole that often comes back in different color combinations. The sports brand was taken over in 2005 by the German company Adidas.  

This shoe is often used as a party sneaker or shoes to walk with. Due to the great comfort of the soft interior and the often leather exterior, this sneaker is ideal for this use. It is comfortable when you go completely loose, and if they are dirty, they are easy to clean. This cleaning can be done with a cloth, but if you want to be sure that your sneakers are properly cleaned, we advise you to use the Jason Markk cleaning products from Bruut!