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Popular ladies sneakers

Today there are a huge number of different sneakers, cheap or expensive. Sustainable or environmentally unfriendly, casual or streetwear. Comfortable or uncomfortable. Exclusive or mass production, in short anything. But you still see Nike , Adidas , Puma or Vans on the street. This is because the shoes are of good quality and often also comfortable. The sneakers are also affordable and have a nice design.  


But there are a number of models that can no longer be imagined from the streets for years. For example the entire Nike Air Max series, Adidas Superstar, Reebok Club C and of course the Vans Old Skool . These models have all been popular for years, for example the Air Max series for more than 20 years.  

The recipe for a popular sneaker is to really provide a comfortable sneaker. The design is also very important and also that it continues to innovate well over the years. Quality is also high on the list, popular sneakers often last for years!