Reebok Club C85
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Reebok Club C85 for women

The most classic sneaker from Reebok the Club C85. The C of C85 stands for Champion and 85 is the year in which this sneaker came out. The combination of the Club C85 & Freestyle from the British Reebok. Produced larger sales figures than Nike in the 1980s. The leading position was taken back when the Air Max 1 came out in 1987. But this shows how unprecedentedly popular the Club C85 was back then and still is today. The leather Reebok Club C85 has a soft interior for comfort. The sneaker is used today as an easy and basic sneaker. But early on the Club C85 was seen as a tennis shoe. The C85 so and great sneaker for daily life, comfort and quality come up with this sneaker!