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Mizuno is a Japanese shoe brand that uses the expertise of a running shoe in their sneakers, such as the Wave Rider 1!

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Mizuno sneakers for women

Mizuno is known for their running shoes. Although they are doing very well in that sector, they are also making good progress in the sneaker world. You see sneakers such as the Mizuno Wave Rider 1 more and more in the daily street scene, and not without reason. The combination of colors together with the comfort and techniques from the running shoes ensure that these sneakers get a lot of love from the scene.

The Wave Rider 1 also has many influences from the 90s. This is reflected in the combination of materials such as mesh and leather, and often the use of color in the various elements. The 90's Athletic pack from Mizuno is a good example of this.
In short, a great sneaker that also feels great. Which one suits you best?