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Asics sneakers for men, women and kids

As a Bruut customer, you probably are eager to share you love for sneakers with others. Are you a family man who would love nothing more than walk around in the same sneaker brand as your better half – or even more fun, your family? In that case, Asics is the brand for you. This Japanese label offers that opportunity with the popular Gel Lyte III. We have this allround sneaker available as a men’s shoe, women’s shoe and even Asics baby shoes. For sharing you sneaker love, the Asics Gel Lyte is the sneaker you are looking for. This badass black sneaker for kids can be ordered for larger feet in trendy colors and different variations on the classic black Asics sneaker. So even if you want Asics sneakers for the whole family, you will succeed at Bruut.

Asics Tigers

Keep this in mind for your next round of Trivial Pursuit: the name Asics stands for Anima Sana In Corpore Sano – a healthy mind in a healthy body. As early as 1949 the first pair of Asics sneakers went over the counter. The company first aimed at basketball shoes for the real professional players, because the Japanese basketball team began to rise in popularity. The first pairs of Asics had a special sole with an even more interesting source of inspiration: the suckers of an octopus. Asics grew fast and soon they had a foothold in the world of sports. Nowadays these versatile sports shoes are inseparable from professional sports, but they also earned a spot in the shoe closet of sneaker fanatics. An Asics sneaker can always be recognized by the cool logo of the brand, the crossing lines which remind us of a wild cat. Now you also get why Asics shoes carry the nickname ‘Tigers’.

Asics Gel Lyte

The well known Gel Lyte sole was already invented during the eighties and has been improved ever since. This system gives the best possible shock absorption, what makes running on Asics Gel Lyte sneakers just divine. The classic under these innovative running shoes is the popular Asics Gel Lyte 3, the shoe that uses comfortable as its buzzword. These Asics shoes can be ordered at Bruut in several all over colors, or with a cool combination of colors. Do you adore amazing all white sneakers or Asics all black sneakers, than look no further. But also if you are a colorful sneaker fan, we have the best new Asics just for you. In addition to the Gel Lyte III we also have the ultra hip Asics Gel Lyte V in stock. This is the one you need when you are looking for a stunning and surprising color combination. Do you want trendy Asics women’s shoes in nice pastels? Come and meet the Gel Lyte 5!

Asics Respector sneakers

Of course there is more to Asics than a comfortable gel sole. Are you just crazy about the Asics sneaker, but you don’t fancy any of the hip colors? The Asics GT II is a nice basic sneaker with a comfy feel. We offer the GT II in simple, but nonetheless beautiful designs. The Asics GT 2 has a relaxed appearance and feels fabulous on your feet. Do you prefer a shoe with a more colorful story? The Asics Respector sneaker will be staring you in the face with its surprising designs, but is also available in simple white or black. Even if you are looking for an all grey sneaker, the Asics Respector is the one for you. Then there is the Asics Kayano, a lightweight shoe with a perfect shock absorption. These awesome Asics running shoes are cut out for the longest distances and have been an appreciated running mate for more than 20 years. This lovely brand is committed to improving performances and comfort with great Asics training shoes. The perfect shoe for sports fans, but an even better match with sneaker freaks!