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Daily Paper clothing

The brand Daily Paper has already some connection with Bruut: this label happens to be a Dutch one. And which proud Dutchman doesn’t like to wear clothes manufactured in our own little country? At Bruut we are so proud to have Daily Paper clothes in our collection. This badass and contemporary label offers lots of men’s wear. There are so many different items, you could score your complete outfit at this one brand! The clothes from this company are top quality and with a Daily Paper tee you will definitely score some points with your hip friends. The well known waistbag which used to be so tacky, is on the rise once again. So the Daily Paper waist bag isn’t just very handy, it is also fashionable again! You can find this trendy item at Bruut.

Contemporary African clothes

You probably wouldn’t guess it while checking out the collection, but this brand was inspired by the African culture. It shows in the brand’s logo, which can be found on all the items from the label. Sometimes subtly hidden and sometimes life-sized. Daily Paper is still a young company which saw the light of life in 2010 in Amsterdam. The founder’s heritage and passion for Africa inspired the designs for contemporary fashion with a hint of Africa hidden in every piece of the collection. Nowadays Daily Paper is a well respected brand with an authentic style which gets combined with ready-to-wear garments. A Daily Paper t-shirt is just a bit different from the usual, but it will feel just perfect on your body. You want to buy Dutch fashion inspired by Africa, with a trendy and casual touch? Daily Paper is your brand!

Puma x Daily Paper

At our Daily Paper shop you will find clothing of this brand, but also the result of special collaborations. Daily Paper has different collections which were designed in cooperation with other brands. One of those collections contains a world famous name: Puma x Daily Paper.

Daily Paper shop

Besides a Daily Paper tee and the fashionable Daily Paper waist bag, we have a lot more cool items from this awesome brand. How about a badass Daily Paper bomber? This hip jacket can be combined with just about anything. Wearing a Daily Paper hoodie will make you feel warm and great and a Daily Paper sweater is just the perfect item to bring with you wherever you go. To finish your outfit in the best way possible, genuine Daily Paper cargo pants is what you need – and for the colder days we offer a Daily Paper beanie. We told you from the beginning: wearing Daily Paper from top to bottom shouldn’t be a problem when you are shopping at Bruut!