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The French brand Veja was founded in 2004 by Sébastien Kopp and Ghislain Morillion. These two gentlemen felt a social responsibility and missed the range of environmentally friendly, fair trade and stylish sneakers and clothing.

The sneaker is a signature item for this era and their generation. Sneakers are super popular and are worn by almost everyone. However, many people do not realize what a process a pair of sneakers goes through before they are in the store.

At Veja, they are happy to explain how they ensure that their sneakers are environmentally friendly and fair trade. Materials are carefully chosen and selected from small-scale farmers and producers, these people are of course paid with a fair price. With this production method, Veja wants to get rid of the whole mass production idea behind the sneakers.

The Veja models are unisex and can therefore be worn by both men and women. The Veja sneakers have a casual and sporty look, so you can wear them any time of the day.