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Adidas Falcon 

One of the most anticipated Adidas sneakers of 2018 is finally here: The Falcon W. We saw the start of a trend in 2018 where more sneakers had ‘chunky’ soles. For example the Balenciaga ‘Triple S’ which really set the hype for chunky sole sneakers, also called dad sneakers. We saw Raf Simons start this trend with a sneaker model with bigger, higher and broader soles. Since the release of the ‘Triple S’ the chunky sole hype really started popping off. Adidas positioned their Falcon in a different price segment and perfectly timed their entry for this new generation of sneakers. At this time the Falcon only releases in a women version. The Falcon has a classical mesh construction combined with suede and reflective overlay pannels. The first colorway that is released is a beautiful combination of a black base with grey and rose overlays, combined with orange and red details on the sole. As a summary: this is a lovely sneaker with a bold shape and colorway.