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Shop the most exclusive nike products Online at Bruut

When you think of sneakers, you automatically think of Nike shoes. The most famous name when it comes to sneakers. The brand is still the market leader and produces one beautiful sneaker after another. Nike is the brand to be if you want the coolest retro sneakers, but also if you want sneakers in trendy color combinations. If you want Nike sneakers for men, sneakers for women, cool sneakers for kids or even Nike baby shoes, you can find the coolest designs at Bruut!

The cherry on top: Nike Air Max

The best known sneaker is of course the still immensely popular Air Max. Since its birth in 1987, several dozens of variations on this design were produced. The Air Max is provided with an extra layer of air in the thick sole, which gives the sneaker the best possible suspension while walking or running. Also, it makes the Air Max super comfy to wear. With Nike Air Max sneakers on your feet you can give every outfit a casual or badass touch. The one of a kind appearance and the comfortable feeling are the reasons every sneaker fanatic owns at least one pair of Air Max. The most popular design is still the Air Max 1 with its classic colors we still know from when Nike first entered the sneaker arena. This classic can still be recognized in several variations of the shoe, like the Air Max 90 and Air Max 95, named after the years these models saw the light of life.

Variations of the Nike Air Max

If you are looking for something different in a shoe so you can wear a sneaker you don’t see very often on the streets, we have some little treasures available for you in our (online)store. All of them are very special sneakers which will put you over the top with your friends.

Nike has some gems in their collection, like the simple, but nonetheless awesome Air Force 1. When you check out all these sneakers, you will see why Nike is still the king of sneakers. There is something for everybody, if you are looking for high tops or just Nike loafers, Nike red sneakers or those trendy all white sneakers on your feet: Nike definitely has it for you!

Of course you can score your new Nike shoes at Bruut Sneakers, the Nike store of Hoofddorp. And are you looking for cheap Nike shoes? Keep an eye on our sale page, because we often have a Nike sale!

Nike sports clothing

You adore the shoes, but you’d rather put yourself in Nike outfits from top to bottom? Besides sneakers, you can find the coolest Nike clothing for men and ladies at Bruut. So if you want to go running in Nike joggers and Nike sweatshirts, or you just love a badass Nike tee or an awesome Nike cap, you definitely should check our own huge Nike collection!

The history of Nike Air Max

  • Air Max (commonly known as Air Max 1) - 1987
  • Air Stab - 1988
  • Air Max II (commonly known as Air Max Light) - 1989
  • Air Max III (commonly known as Air Max 90) - 1990
  • Air Max IV (Air Max BW, Air Max Classic or Air Classic BW) - 1991
  • Air Structure Triax 91 - 1991
  • Air Max 180 - 1991
  • Air Max ST - 1992
  • Air Tailwind 92 - 1992
  • Air Max 93 (also known as Air Max 270) - 1993
  • Air Max 2 - 1994
  • Air Max 2 Charles Barkley 34 (commonly known as Air Max CB 34) - 1994
  • Air Max Triax 94 - 1994
  • Air Max Light 2 - 1994
  • Air Max 95 - 1995
  • Air Max Racer - 1995
  • Air Max 96 - 1996
  • Air Max 96 II
  • Air Max 97
  • Air Max 98
  • Air Max 98 II
  • Air Max 99
  • Air Max Pillar
  • Air Max Posterize SL
  • Air Max Deluxe
  • Air Max 2000
  • Air Max Plus (commonly known as Air Max TN)
  • Air Max Ltd - 2002
  • Air Max 2003
  • Air Max 2004
  • Air Max Destined - 2006
  • Air Max 360 - 2006
  • Air Max 180 - 2006
  • Air Max 360 - 2007
  • Air Max 180 II - 2008
  • Air Max Elite
  • Air Max 180 III - 2008
  • Air Max T-Zone - 2009
  • Air Max Skyline
  • Air Max 2009
  • Air Max 90 Current - 2009 (redesign of the Air Max 90, incl. toe box)
  • Air Maxim - 2009 (redesign of the Air Max 1, featuring flywire or torch materials)
  • Air Max BW Gen II - 2010 (redesign of the Air Max BW, featuring torch material)
  • Air Max 2010
  • Air Max Tailwind+ 2
  • Air Max Trainer 1
  • Air Max Trainer 1+ (with Flywire, toe strap, and 360 Air Max Technology)
  • Air Max Turbulence - 2010
  • Air Max 2011
  • Air Max Command
  • Air Max 24/7
  • Air Max+ 2012
  • Air Max+ 2013
  • Air Max Defy Run
  • Air Max Minot
  • Air Max Motion
  • Air Max+ 2014
  • Air Max Direct
  • Flyknit Air Max
  • Air Max Zero
  • Air Max Tavas
  • Air Max+ 2015
  • Fingertrap Max
  • Air Max+ 2016
  • Air Max+ 2017
  • Air Max invigor
  • Air Max 95
  • Air Max Torch IV
  • Air Max 97 OG