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Still unrivaled in style, model and technology; the Nike Air Max. This amazing sneakers with striking visible air chambers in the soles is therefore still rightly favored by many. And not only because of their timeless, meanwhile quite nice retro design, but also because they just enjoy walking. Like walking on air. In this shoe there is also quite a bit of technology to make the air damping as optimal as possible. And Nike continues to experiment with that. Because from the launch of the shoe, new models have always been brought on the market with yet other, often advanced, soles. Since this sneaker saw the light in the 80s, this sneaker has immediately won over many enthusiasts and it is still a big favorite in fashion. Most classic and favorite models of the Nike Air Max can be found in the Bruut store, and we not only have them for men, but also ladies and children find their favorite model here.

New releases

Perhaps you are such a person looking forward to it; the latest model of the Nike Air Max. Because Nike keeps surprising every season with this sneaker; then a new innovative shoe is developed that we have never seen before, or Nike goes back to the past and gives a contemporary twist to a classic from the 90s. In all models and color combinations, Nike always knows how to find the perfect balance between the dynamics that the shoe must radiate and the current trends in colors and material use. For example, nowadays you see many shoes with leather uppers in subdued natural tones such as taupe, anthracite and burgundy, and as counterpart striking striking luxury finishes in silver, gold and bronze. But what always remains is that sole that must be prominently in sight. At Bruut, we keep an eye on everything for you and ensure that you too can walk out the door with the latest releases of the Nike Air Max.

At Bruut we naturally want to offer you the most exclusive releases of the Nike Air Max. In our collection you will find at least all classics. Of course we have the Nike Air Max I models with the characteristic side window in the sole. Nowadays this is not only available in a sporty look but also in many fashionable colors and finishes. They are released in trendy natural tones and gray suede or with striking luxury silver or gold-colored leather finish. Of course you will also find today's must-haves; the sneakers with ingeniously woven or braided upper. And the Nike Air Max 90 and 95 are unbeatable in popularity. With strikingly thicker heel and air chambers over the entire sole, this is perhaps the most iconic model and the most comfortable. You can find them with us in the newest colors and prints. Check it out!