Bruut & Daily Paper Teamup
Shop here shirts, pants and cardigans from the Bruut x Daily paper collection, made in honor of Bruut's 5 year anniversary.
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Bruut & Daily Paper

Bruut exists 5 years and that must be celebrated! Our friends from Daily paper shared this opinion. We have joined forces to celebrate this anniversary with us. The result is a nice collection of 5 items with a unique design or colorway.

Bruut & Daily Paper have known each other for a while now, since the opening of the first Bruut building, Daily paper was on sale with us. At the time, Daily Paper was emerging with the unique designs they brought to the Amsterdam fashion scene. With the Daily Paper Captain Hoodie, the Amsterdam brand has turned young people's expectations upside down. As a successor to this, the Alias Hoodies are another hit. Not only the jerseys of Daily Paper are a hit, but also the tracksuits and T-shirts that they design are in great demand.

Bruut & Daily Paper have jointly set up a collection that we can be proud of. With the unique color scheme on the waistbags and tracksuits, this collection is completely exclusive. The Bruut spell-out on the front of the 'Codal' T-shirts and the Daily Paper logo on the back are a stamp on the collaboration and complete the collection.