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Bruut exists five years and of course that must be celebrated! We are sure that we will not disappoint you! Bruut has a number of great collaborations ready that we will release in the coming period. We kick off with a collaboration that they didn't expect: Alpine. Alpine focuses on hearing protection for all kinds of activities such as parties / festivals, motorcycling and snoring. Because the Bruut fam does like a party, we have limited party plugs for you!

Both in our sneaker store in Hoofddorp and at the office, tunes are constantly being played to keep motivation high. In order to convey our musical taste well, we regularly organize events at Brute Burgers. In recent editions, the roof went off and visitors came from Hoofddorp, Haarlem, Amsterdam and the surrounding area. In addition to organizing, we also have various artists in the Bruut fam. Within our group there are a number of DJs, rappers and producers. In the musical Bruut fam there is only one person who uses sound hearing protection and this is something we want to prevent.

With the festival season behind you, your ears have had a hard time, and with ADE around the corner, your hearing will have to tolerate even more noise. It is therefore important to protect your ears well. This is often forgotten, but it is certainly not unimportant, because hearing damage can occur after about 15 minutes at a festival. Since you will spend quite a few hours in Amsterdam during ADE, Bruut does not want you to enjoy these great parties unarmed. In cooperation with Alpine we can offer the limited Bruut X Alpine party plugs. In addition to the optimal functioning of the Alpine plugs, these are also very user-friendly. The Bruut X Alpine party plugs have an acoustic filter. Because of this, the hardest bangers and your favorite tunes will still be heard while you have these party plugs in.