Bruut x Helly Hansen: a capsule collection
Bruut has worked with Helly Hansen to create a great capsule collection! Quickly check what the collection looks like!
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Bruut x Helly Hansen

The cooperation between Bruut and Helly Hansen was created by the similarities between the two brands. Quality is very important to both and we are both attached to our locals. As a sneaker store in the Amsterdam area, Bruut naturally has many different customers, which makes versatility very important. There is something for everyone. This is also the case with Helly Hansen. Although the Norwegian brand started as a sports brand, much has been done to keep up with casual men's clothing over the years. With this Helly Hansen has also mixed himself well in the streetwear culture, where the large logos, the quality and the use of specific materials fit well with the current wishes of this culture.

An ideal collaboration is expressed by the capsule collection that will be released on Sunday 6 April. This collection of Bruut x Helly Hansen sweaters and Bruut x Helly Hansen t-shirts can be found on this page. Choose quickly, because there is only a limited edition available.