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Billionaire Boys Club

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Meet Billionaire Boys Club

Bruut would be a lot less bruut if – next to a nice overload of awesome sneaker labels – we wouldn’t feature a few cool clothing brands. And speaking of, we should really introduce you to Billionaire Boys Club clothing, a label where the exciting name by itself already makes you curious about what it has to offer. In addition, the big name behind this brand makes it even more interesting, because Billionaire Boys Club was founded by no one other than world famous singer Pharrell Williams, who made a cooperation with the famous designer Nigo – both are already a brand by itself. So that explains why this label is absolutely booming!

A Pharrell shirt or hoodie

The graphics on a Billionaire Boys Club tee are due to the creative brain of Pharrell himself. Wearing a Billionaire Boys Club shirt is already a statement in itself, but it also means that you’re walking around with the creative excesses of this world famous superstar on your body. Pharrell gets a lot of his inspiration from outer space. Something you already can see from the Billionaire Boys Club logo, where your eye immediately gets caught by the little astronaut amongst the letters of the brand name. The logo makes an important part of the collection. A Billionaire Boys Club hoodie or jacket just isn’t finished without a large print of the little astronaut on your front or back. If you want shirts, a hooded sweat or a hip crewneck of this awesome brand, Bruut is the place to be!

Billionaire Boys Club snapback

With a tee or sweat from Billionaire Boys Club you already get a large share of your Pharrell merchandise. But if you really want to finish it off in style, you can’t leave our shop without an authentic Billionaire Boys Club cap. We’ve got those in nice all over colors and of course with the infamous name of this label very present on the front. With a Billionaire Boys Club snapback, you’ll definitely make a mark. Pharrel’s brand has enough awesomeness to offer. Are you looking for Billionaire Boys Club sale? Keep a close eye on Bruut, because every now and then we have BBC items on sale!